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Saw Blade Marking Support is Self Contained

Mon, 03/01/2010 - 11:48am
blade supportKwik Mark’s Saw Blade Marking Support is self contained, versatile and simple to operate. A bench top base with three equally spaced (removable) arms is used to support saw blades with a range of diameters from 10” to 72”. The three sliding spacers may be positioned along the length of the arms to suite the saw blade size. The steel plate is 24 inches square and includes four rubber feet to fit onto most benches. A 9.5” diameter disc provides the solid support under the marking area. A pneumatically retracting arbor features interchangeable diameters for centering a range of saw bores. A tapered top cap is used to locate and lock down the Kwikmark with the Porta Stand Attachment which is controlled by the foot pedal (included). The operator slides the saw to the center then presses the foot pedal to extend the arbor. The Kwikmark (with the Porta-Stand) is slid towards the arbor. A tapered “pull” lock engages and centers the unit. The operator releases the foot pedal to retract the arbor, which clamps the Kwikmark and saw to the support disc. No other clamping is required. By removing the aluminum plate, the user will have a standard Porta Stand and Kwikmark that may be used for traditional part marking as well. The unique dot peen process “floats” on the material surface during the marking operation, making it ideal for flat, curved and irregular surfaces, as well as rough castings. The user presses one key and entesr the text to mark, on the included keyboard. No software to learn or manuals to read.

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