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Multichannel RF Signal Generator Touted as Highly Configurable

Fri, 02/12/2010 - 4:33am

multichannel signal generatorRF Engines Limited (RFEL) has developed a 32 channel RF signal generator that is designed to enable challenging RF environments to be recreated in labs to test RF equipment. The PCI Upconverter is a flexible and configurable system that is said to replaces racks of expensive RF test equipment. The PCI Upconverter streams its data from hard disks so that 32 channels of different signals can be generated over several days recreating real environments for proper soak testing. The complex modulated signals themselves can be created in MATLAB or similar programs with any type of waveform modulation including frequency hopping, TDMA, FDMA, CW, QPSK and QAM, and the characteristics can be manipulated in real-time. Each channel can be individually programmed with the required bandwidth and being digitally generated, there are no sideband or filtering issues that would be problems with multiple signal analog systems. The system is controlled via a simple API on a Windows platform, and is provided with a suite of functions that allow direct control from a MATLAB environment. The integral MATLAB Graphical User Interface simplifies operations and makes the system “look and feel” like a piece of test equipment.

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