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Power Supplies from SDS Bring Power to Sophisticated Applications

Thu, 01/28/2010 - 9:49am

GIPO series power supplyDrawn directly from its longstanding expertise in high-voltage supply components and systems, SDS is releasing new specialized power supply units fitted to dedicated applications such as microchannel plates, streak cameras, Pockels cells, APDs, CCD intensifiers, mass spectrometry detectors. In addition, two benchtops and/or portable instruments are now available: an HV power supply for multipurpose detectors and a ?-radiameter.

New power supplies:
GIPO series is basically composed of an adjustable high voltage DC-DC converter with a high speed, high-voltage switch. It can be instrumented or not, on demand. Stability of the high-voltage power supply integrated in the module is very high (10ppm/°C). This device is able to switch 5.5kV in less than 3ns. Pulse width, voltage and repetition rates can be adjusted by the user.

SDS can also provide a High Voltage Linear Ramp Generator typically 0 ? 1500 V in 1µs to 1ms, these two parameters are fully adjustable by the user. The main application is streak camera power supply as new or retrofit electronics.

MCP series consists in a minimum sized high-voltage power supply unit for low-impedance microchannel plates with resistive anode readout and exceptional stability better than 25ppm/°C over a -55°C/95°C range. The switching of the cathode power supply is controlled by the anode current adjustable discriminator.

Benchtop models:
LBT series (more than 52 standard products) presents AC-DC benchtop power supplies, low power 0.1W to 6W, high voltage 0-100V to 0-8000V. Negative or positive polarity is achievable depending on the model with a typical residual ripple <0.05%. Local or remote control is available via RS232, USB or field bus.

GAM detector is a low-cost, transportable / portable gamma (?) rays radiameter with a PC-USB connection, integrating a GM tube selected for its very large energy range. An alarm mode is currently provided for fast activity change in the detection of radioactive material in the appropriate energy range. An original filtering algorithm allows a reliable detection even for low activities, so in harsh statistical conditions.

SDS will be exhibiting at PITTCON 2010 from March 1 to 4 in Orlando, Fla., on the French Pavilion at booth 3409.

About SDS:
Founded in France in 1985, Systems Development & Solutions (SDS) is France’s leading manufacturer of DC-DC high-voltage converters, AC-DC high-voltage power supplies, and associated remote command and control boards. SDS’ standard products are used in varying applications that include light detection with PMTs and APDs, CCD intensifiers, mass spectrometry detection with MCP, beam deviation and radiation detectors. SDS also develops standalone modules that deliver rapid high voltage pulses and ramps when a voltage of several kV must be commutated or ramped in a very short time (ns to ms range). These modules are used in a broad range of applications: Q-Switching with Pockels cells, electron microscopes and streak cameras. They are available in configurations including racks, benchtops, non-instrumented blocks. When remote mode operation is needed, the equipment designed and manufactured by SDS can incorporate RS232/RS485 serial interfaces or a GPIB link supporting the SCPI command protocol, or be fitted with field bus adaptors for the most acknowledged protocols.

SDS is an OEM solution provider with the world’s instrumentation leading companies. SDS is also a constant supplier for a large number of research centers including the French Atomic Energy Commission (Commissariat à l'énergie atomique), the technological research organization Mega Joule Laser from Cesta, the CERN (European Centre for Nuclear Research), the Max-Planck Institut für Physik, the CESR (Centre for Space Research on Radiation), the CETP (Terrestrial and Planetary Environment Research Centre), the IN2P3 (National Institute for Nuclear and Particle Physics), among many others.

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