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Smart Actuator IC Integrates Physical Layer LIN Transceiver, 16-bit MCU

Thu, 11/19/2009 - 7:26am

Smart Actuator ICMelexis has developed the MLX81150 smart actuator IC. The chip integrates a physical layer LIN transceiver, a voltage regulator as well as a 16-bit microcontroller with 32kB flash memory including the peripheral functions such as high voltage IOs, timer, ADC with differential amplifier for current monitoring, PWM-unit and EEPROM. The high voltage mixed signal integration of the 0.18 µm process enables the inclusion of a relay driver with free wheel function to support relay based DC applications like window lifters. Additionally the MLX81150 has the possibility to connect directly to external power MOS transistors in half or full bridge configuration without an additional pre-driver IC. This makes the device appropriate for different kinds of DC-Motor applications such as Seatbelt retractors. The high temperature capability offers the possibility to realize smart engine applications like EGR Flaps or throttle valves. As a microcontroller core it uses the field proven 4-bit/16-bit dual task implementation. The 4-bit task takes care of communication and the 16-bit task is completely free for the motor control algorithm. A fully approved LIN Software driver meeting the communication tasks of all LIN protocols (LIN1.3, LIN2.x and J2602) is available and functions just like a complete high level development environment.



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