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Memory-in-Pixel LCD Saves Energy

Mon, 06/15/2009 - 5:18am

Sharp Memory in Pixel LCDBased on Continuous-Grain Silicon technology, LCDs with built-in memory capability in each pixel cut down on power consumption by a factor of 130 when compared to standard LCDs of equal size.  Providing functionality similar to that provided by software video compression, each pixel in the display saves the image information so the image only has to be rewritten in the pixels where the content has changed. A Memory LCD of 1.35 inches consumes about 15 µW in operation whereas a standard LCD of comparable size needs about 2 mW to render an image. Another major difference from other reflective displays is that a Memory LCD does not need polarisers due to a novel liquid crystal material with a 50% reflection ratio.  The current technology supports a dot pitch of 0.252 mm2 and a 10:1 contrast ratio.

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