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LED Driver Provides Front-Panel Activity Control

Mon, 06/29/2009 - 8:24am

LED driver AS1115austriamicrosystems expanded its LED driver portfolio with the AS1115 user interface (UI) LED driver. It combines display driving and key scanning providing a complete front panel solution which eliminates the use of secondary µP or other logics plus discrete devices. The AS1115 can drive either eight seven-segment digits or 64 individual LEDs with 47 mA per digit or 5 mA per LED. An external resistor can easily adjust the current. With an accuracy of ±3 percent, the AS1115 is said to improve picture quality for LED displays due to minimized intensity variations between the LEDs and LED modules. For either global digital brightness control, or separate dimming, of each single digit a 4-bit PWM is implemented. Additionally, the AS1115 offers the read back of up to 16-keys completing the single chip UI solution. The built-in error detection and software interface allows error diagnostics to be easily accessed during normal operation. This solution can detect any open- or short-circuit within the multiplexed 8x8 LED array, and a detailed error report can be read out with the exact position of the broken LED. The AS1115 interfaces via I²C and up to four devices can be addressed on a single I²C bus.

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