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FPGA Family is Industrial-temperature Qualified

Tue, 06/02/2009 - 8:08am


indust temp qualified FPGALattice Semiconductor announced that industrial temperature-qualified versions of all its non-volatile LatticeXP2 FPGAs have been released to volume production. Based on the company’s 90 nanometer hybrid flexiFLASH technology, the XP2 family features small form factor Chip Scale 132 BGA packaging, and pre-engineered source-synchronous I/O that supports 7:1 LVDS, DDR2 and high-speed ADCs/DACs. The device does not require an external boot memory for FPGA configuration, which enables a single-chip solution with reduced board area and simplified system manufacture. The absence of an external boot device also eliminates the need for an external bit-stream at boot up and the possibility of bit-stream snooping, a major security concern with SRAM FPGAs. Additional security features prohibit bit-stream readback from the SRAM and Flash sections of the devices.

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