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Double-layer Capacitors Tout Values up to 3000 F

Thu, 03/19/2009 - 6:34am

wimacapacitorDouble-layer Capacitors with valuesup to 3000 F developed by WIMA are suitable for energy storage where charge or discharge of high loads at a short time is needed. They are available as WIMA SuperCap C with cylindrical case or as WIMA SuperCap R with rectangular case. These capacitors are cascaded to so-called modules to meet the operating voltage required by the application. They are maintenance-free and are relatively low in weight, thus usage in isolated systems, such as inaccessible areas, is unproblematic above all since they are resistant to high temperature changes. Owing to their low ESR, these devices can be loaded with very high currents for a short time. Damage by overload is excluded as long as the permissible cell voltage is observed. When properly handled, a lifetime of more than 10 years may be achieved. The capacitors' construction allows them to be loaded with more than 500,000 charge/discharge cycles with a power efficiency of more than 90 percent. Applications include slip control units of major wind power plants, for micro-turbine starters, for speeding of fuel cells, starting of large V16 or V24 cylinder motors of railway or vessel drives, and energy storage in conjunction with photovoltaic units or for recuperation of braking energy in the automotive field.

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