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Sixteenth-Brick Converter Challenges Eighth-Brick Devices

Fri, 02/13/2009 - 4:54am

Ericsson’s sixteenth brick PKU-B DC/DC module PKU4101B PIAimed at existing sixteenth-brick users who want to power higher-demand applications without redesigning boards for larger products (eighth-brick), the sixteenth-brick PKU-B DC/DC module from Ericsson can deliver an output of 5 V at 20 A. Using a line-regulated half-bridge configuration with the control circuit on the primary side, the 8.3-mm high EN60950-rated converter operates at up to 92% efficiency with a power density as high as 312 W/in2. Features include a 14-layer PCB with a copper thickness of 3 oz for efficiency and thermal performance, monotonic start-up, and the ability to withstand 100% pre-bias on the output. From $28 each in quantities of 5,000.

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