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DC/DC Boost LED Driver Supports 18-V Input

Tue, 01/27/2009 - 4:18am

TI TPS61500Suiting 12-V or 15-V industrial power rails, Texas Instruments’ TPS61500 DC/DC boost LED driver (SSLD) offers an input voltage range from 2.9 V to 18 V. The 14-pin, HTSSOP-packaged unit presents a 3-A current switch with integrated FET for powering 4 3-W LEDs at an input voltage of 5 V and 8 3-W LEDs at an input voltage of 12 V. The device offers a switching frequency from 200 kHz to 2.2 MHz, output current of up to 1 A, brightness dimming, user-defined soft start, and 93% efficiency. The component performs in signage, ambient light, office light, general illumination, military, medical, and sensor applications. The driver is cross-functional with the TPS61175 DC/DC boost converter and the TPS62110 step-down DC/DC converter.

Texas Instruments



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