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SSLDs Exhibit Double Dimming Function

Tue, 12/23/2008 - 4:08am

ROHM BD6095GULPowering LCD backlights, ROHM Electronics’ BD6095GUL Series SSLDs use an I/F-compatible backlight dimmer with a double dimming function, analog output sensors, and an integrated I²C bus interface. The double dimming function adjusts brightness based on image content and ambient conditions. The units possess a gain control function with a built-in light measurement range; a backlight adjustment function linked with video display based on external PWM control; and an integrated 2ch regulator (16-step switching). The devices offer inductorless operation with x1.33 mode charge pump step-up circuit; 5-lamp (max.) backlight drive capability, and a built-in SSLD for Flash. The drivers suit consumer, portable, multimedia, and communication applications, as well as car navigation and entertainment systems and kiosks.

ROHM Electronics


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