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SMT Aluminum Capacitors Handle High Temperatures

Thu, 12/04/2008 - 7:32am

ECL polarized aluminum electrolytic capacitorsUsing a features a non-solid, self-healing electrolyte as well as a heat-resistant pad and molded baseplate, the ECL series of polarized aluminum electrolytic capacitors from Vishay Intertechnology can operate at temperatures as high as 105°C. Available in capacitance values from 10 µF to 1500 µF over a voltage range from 6.3 V to 100 V, the capacitors’ features include an impedance Z down to 90 mO at 100 kHz and a ripple current of 670 mA (at 105°C). The SMT devices are available in six case sizes from 6.3 mm by 5.80 mm to 12.5 mm by 13.5 mm (width by height).

Vishay Intertechnology


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