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Reduced-Footprint SMT Connectors Join Boards

Tue, 12/30/2008 - 5:15am

Mill-Max SMT Strip Sockets and Pin HeadersWith a round stub-tail termination for a reduced solder footprint inside the package outline, Mill-Max SMT Strip Sockets and Pin Headers implement a .008” floating-pin design to compensate for uneven solder paste application on the board surface. Pin-to-pin co planarity can be held to .005” for pin counts up to 20 positions (2x10).  The sockets and headers are available in single row, 2-64 positions, or double row, 4-72 positions (2x2 – 2x36.)  The pin headers are precision-machined using brass alloy 360 ½ hard. The sockets are assembled with beryllium copper contact clips, which make a gas-tight connection to the mated header pins.


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