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Active Star Transceiver Incorporates Embedded Bit-Reshaper

Thu, 12/18/2008 - 6:42am


austriamicrosystems AS8224Reducing the asymmetric delay caused by components in FlexRay networks or introduced by external interferences onto the network, austriamicrosystems’ AS8224 FlexRay Active Star transceiver integrates an embedded bit-reshaper for use in in-vehicle networks. The device is capable of reshaping single bits in 12.5 ns steps (microtick) up to a total amount of 37.5 ns (3 microticks). The mechanism performs a clock-deviation compensation between the input and output stream of the device while the BSS (Byte-Start-Sequence) of the FlexRay frame is shortened or lengthened by 1 microtick. The bit-reshaping function can be set as an option and will be functional if an external clock is connected to the device. The unit operates as an active hub for 4 FlexRay network branches, the Communication Controller interface, and an Interstar interface. Message forwarding is performed including these 6 communication paths.

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