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Program Uses Real-Time Garbage Collector

Fri, 11/07/2008 - 8:05am


Aonix PERC Ultra SMPCoupling with Java language, Aonix’s PERC Ultra SMP program exploits the capacity of multicore processors without rewriting code while decreasing the interference of garbage collection on application threads via a real-time garbage collector. The collector utilizes idle processors to carry out the garbage collection, working in tandem, so that one processor can scan stack memory in search of pointers to live objects while another relocates previously-identified live objects. The SMP with 8 parallel threads on a dual quad-core Xeon-based Linux real-time system improved execution speed by a factor of 8, and all Java threads access the same shared objects, so they can relocate themselves within memory. A patent-pending synchronization technique ensures that an application thread on one processor doesn’t attempt to access an object while another process is relocating the desired object as part of the garbage collection process. Target execution and deployment license pricing starts at $25,000.



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