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MCUs Integrate Flash Memory

Wed, 11/12/2008 - 10:31am


Renesas M16C/5LPerforming in automotive body and chassis control applications, Renesas Technology’s M16C/5L and M16C/56 16-bit MCU groups offer 96 KB, 128 KB, or 256 KB Flash memory in the 80-pin package, and 64 KB, 96 KB, 128 KB, or 256 KB Flash memory in the 64-pin package. The components exhibit 16 KB of independent user Flash memory for storing programs for Flash rewriting, and 8 KB of data Flash memory in blocks of 4 KB rated to withstand 10,000 rewrite cycles. The microcontrollers present a clock oscillator, a task monitor timer, timers for 3-phase motor controllers, timers supporting input capture, output compare, and PWM output; a serial-communication interface, a A/D converter, and an on-chip debug function. The M16C/5L group incorporates an on-chip CAN controller, and both groups operate from -40°C to 85°C with an extended range up to 125°C. System development environments include the E8a on-chip debugging emulator and the E100 full-spec emulator.

Renesas Technology, Inc.


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