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Starter Kit De-skills Low Power Wireless Connectivity

Tue, 10/07/2008 - 11:48am


Jennic JN5139-EK020Jennic announced a Starter Kit which allows developers with little or no wireless experience to develop products. Priced at $219, the JN5139-EK020 IEEE802.15.4/JenNet Starter Kit uses Jennic JN5139 MCUs and modules as wireless processors or co-processors. In the wireless co-processor configuration, the kit demonstrates nodes adding wireless connectivity to a PC or embedded processor via a serial port and the AT-Jenie serial communications API. In the single-chip configuration, the kit demonstrates the protocol and application both running on the JN5139 32-bit wireless microcontroller. The Jenie ‘C’-based API provides communication between the application and the wireless connectivity protocol. The kit comprises three nodes, pre-programmed with a range of example applications to demonstrate the capabilities of wireless sensor networks. The kit clearly demonstrates point-to-point connections, and a simple network using a coordinator, router and endpoint, as well as the self-healing properties of the JenNet stack.

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