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RAID 1 Controller Demonstrates Disk Mirroring

Wed, 10/22/2008 - 10:46am

Data DD4 FlexMountMeasuring 3.5” × 2.2”, Data Protection Solutions’ EzRAID DD4 FlexMount SATA RAID 1 controller performs disk mirroring from anywhere within the computing chassis without a bus slot or drive bay. The component uses a black plastic shell for protection from other electrical components within the computer, and connects via provided SATA cables. Once installed, the product sends all writes to both drives simultaneously, maintaining an up to the minute duplicate, or mirror, of the primary drive. A PCI slot bracket containing a serial port, status lights, and an alarm-reset button is included. The DD4 FlexMount requires no drivers or IRQs, and has compatiblity with SATA drives, drive formats, and partitioning schemes. The mirroring software utility can be installed under Windows or Linux or can be run directly from the CD-ROM drive, allowing the controller to be functional under Windows, DOS, LINUX, OS/2, Unix, Solaris, and NetWare.

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