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Radiometer Performs Multiple Detector Measurements

Tue, 10/21/2008 - 9:12am


Gigahertz-Optik X1-1Utilizing 4-channel multiplexed technology, Gigahertz-Optik’s X1-1 handheld multi-spectralband filter radiometer simultaneously operates and displays multiple detector measurements of the XD-450X 3-cell detector series. The device exhibits autoranging from 0.1 pA to 200 uA or manual range selection, dose mode, selectable integration time from 20 ms to 1 second, USB interface, backlit LCD, and compatibility with up to 4 single- and multi-sensor light detector heads from Gigahertz-Optik. The remote-controllable instrument functions in radiometric and photometric applications including UV-BLUE light phototherapy, UV curing & processes, photostability, UVGI, laser power, LED measurement, PAR, illuminance, luminance & color, UV/Light Hazard and NDT. Each detector reading is displayed on 1 line of the meter's 4-line LCD, and optional OS-X1 software is available. Pricing with a case, USB cable, and user manual with full command list and DLL file is $3,500.

Gigahertz-Optik, Inc.


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