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Fifty-Volt LDMOS Power Transistors Serve L-Band Radar Applications

Wed, 10/08/2008 - 7:05am


Freescale MRF6V14300HFreescale Semiconductor introduced a 50 V LDMOS RF power transistor line-up for L-Band radar applications. The MRF6V14300H final stage device produces pulsed RF output power of 330 W at frequencies between 1,200 and 1,400 MHz and offers desirable efficiency, gain and thermal resistance at this power level and frequency. This line of transistors offers a standard voltage supply, low cooling costs and high reliability of pallet design for Freescale’s customers designing pulsed RF power opportunities in L-Band frequencies. The thermal resistance MRF6V14300H device, packaged in a RoHS compliant, air-cavity ceramic package, is less than 0.12o C/W qJC, which is engineered to effectively manage heat dissipation and reduce heat sink size. The excellent thermal performance provides cooler junction temperature. Other RF performance figures include 330 W peak output power (at 1,400 MHz, 300 µsec pulse width, 12 percent duty cycle), 17 dB gain, and 60 percent drain efficiency. The MRF6V10010N driver provides 8 W peak output power (at 1,400 MHz, 300 µs pulse width, 12 percent duty cycle), 22 dB gain, and 60 percent drain efficiency. These devices incorporate ESD protection to help reduce their susceptibility to electrostatic events on assembly sites and enable a wide gate voltage swing capability of -6 V and 10 V.

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