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Convergent Processors Deliver High Clock Speeds

Mon, 10/27/2008 - 8:35am


ec812ic405awebAvailable at clock speeds up to 400 MHz (800 MMACS), the Blackfin BF51x series of the convergent-processor family from Analog Devices include 116 kBytes of RAM, plus an optional 4 Mbits of serial (SPI) flash memory. Each device integrates Lockbox security for code and content protection, support for sixteen stereo I2S digital-audio channels, twelve peripheral DMA channels, and an advanced memory controller for glueless connection to multiple banks of external SDRAM, SRAM, Flash, or ROM. Each processor includes two dual-channel synchronous serial communication ports, a high-speed parallel peripheral interface, an I2C compatible two-wire interface, dual PC-compatible UARTs, and 2 SPI-compatible serial peripheral interface ports. The BF51x family includes the BF512 at $4.95, the BF514 at $7.75, the BF516 at $8.75 and the BF518 at $11.85.

Analog Devices


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