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CMOS and Rejustor Based Application-Specific Analog Signal Conditioning Chip

Wed, 10/08/2008 - 10:30am


Microbridge MBSTC-02Microbridge Technologies introduced the MBSTC-02 CMOS device active analog circuit which incorporates the company’s passive, Rejustor polysilicon adjustable resistor technology. The signal conditioning chip allows sensor calibration and temperature compensation after final assembly, which negates cumulative errors associated with the assembly processes such as manufacturing tolerance errors, error introduced by stress and packaging. Low-cost and high-precision adjustment replaces the requirement for digital signal conditioning. The MBSTC-02 enables the use of lower cost sensors in precision applications, thereby increasing their value in the market. The MBSTC-02 incorporates low-noise operational amplifiers with Rejustors to provide precise signal conditioning with integrated temperature correction for use with sensors with a negative TC Sensitivity. Rejustors are passive adjustable resistors whose ohmic values can be field-adjusted to better than 0.1 percent tolerances, desirable for Wheatstone bridge sensor based applications. According to the company, this differential instrumentation amplifier provides complete analog calibration, compensation and amplification for any bridge type sensors, such as pressure sensors, strain gauges, humidity sensors and accelerometers.

Microbridge Technologies


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