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APD Receivers Incorporate Thermoelectric Cooler

Wed, 10/29/2008 - 4:58am

Voxtel VDHAXPerforming in military laser radar and optical communications, and commercial telecommunications applications, Voxtel’s VDHAX line of hermetically-packaged avalanche photodiode (APD) receivers use Nextreme’s OptoCooler UPF4 thermoelectric cooler. The cooler integrates directly into the VDH-A TO-8 package to deliver >45°C of cooling curing operation via Nextreme’s thin-film thermal bump technology. The component removes a maximum of 610 mW of heat at 85°C ambient temperature in an active footprint of 0.55 mm².

Nextreme Thermal Solutions, Inc. and Voxtel, Inc.
919-597-7300 and 971-223-5646 and


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