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Linear Positioning Stage Offers Micron Bidirectional Repeatability

Mon, 09/15/2008 - 7:49am

Featuring micron bidirectional repeatability, the SMS 12 positioning stage from Equipment Solutions, combines a cross roller bearing stage and an almost zero backlash drive mechanism. This linear positioning stage has up to 12 mm of travel, 2Gs maximum acceleration, a maximum velocity of 250 mm/sec, and postioning accuracy to ±2 microns. The stage is suitable for optical focusing scanning interferometry, surface structure analysis, disk drive testing, autofocus systems, confocal microscopy, biotechnology, semiconductor test equipment, and other micropositioning applications. The device is postage stamp sized and can be mounted in any position. It is available with an option one micron digitial quadrature encoder, and when used with a Smc2 conroller can servo the stage and report position across the RS232 or USB interfaces. A homing switch (standard) establishes 'home position'. The 39 mm x 39 mm x 32 mm high linear positiong stage is fully enclosed in a machined aluminum house that can be mounted from the bottom or rear side. The stage has been designed to deliver 200 million mm plus of travel at its full load rating (13 kg static, 1.8 kn maximum moment load). The optional SMC2 controller can be mounted separately or stacked underneath the Stage.

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