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Floating-Point Processors Enable Connectivity

Tue, 09/30/2008 - 7:12am


TI C6745Running in audio, medical, and industrial end products, Texas Instruments’ TMS320C6745/C6747 DSPs, and OMAP-L137 floating-point-DSP-plus-ARM applications processor include USB 2.0/1.1, 10/100 Ethernet, and multimedia/secure digital peripherals. The C6745 works at up to 300 MHz with a set of serial ports and multichannel audio serial ports with up to 16 serializers and FIFO buffers; an asynchronous and SDRAM external 8-bit memory interface (EMIFA); and a 16-bit synchronous external memory interface (EMIFB) for SDRAM. The C6747 exhibits the offerings of the C6745, as well as an additional 128 KB of on-chip RAM, 16-bit EMIFA, 32-bit EMIFB, and an on-chip LCD controller. The OMAP-L137 has the C674x DSP core and an ARM9 core at up to 300 MHz each for GUIs, touch screens, and/or networking stacks using WinCE or Linux. The C6745 and C6747 consume 62 mW in standby mode and 470 mW in total active power mode, and the OMAP-L137 consumes 62 mW in standby mode and 490 mW in total active power mode. Pricing starts at $10.41, $11.72, and $18.93, respectively, in 100 quantities.

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