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Sudden Fault Fuse Resistor Eliminates Damage In Breakdowns

Wed, 07/16/2008 - 12:25pm

SFFR gate resistorEliminating damage in gate driver circuit breakdowns, the SFFR from AMS Technologies and Caddock Electronics is a gate resistor in IGBT driver circuits that is available in up to 1100 V. In the resistor, the sudden application of the high voltage fault causes distributed multiple interruptions along the length of the element, opening the high voltage fault. The Gate resistor (Rgate) ranges from 1.0 Ohm to 30 Ohm. The fault voltage range capabilities are as follows: "range 1" between 200 V and 500 Vmax DC; "range 2" between 400 V and 1100 Vmax DC; "range 3" between 600 V and 1500 Vmax DC. The opening time is  less than  20 msec. The gate resistor power features up to 1.0 W and the device can also be customized. 

AMS Technologies AG



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