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Delta-Sigma ADCs Perform Precise Acquisition

Wed, 07/09/2008 - 11:19am


ADS1174 multi-channel, 16-bit, delta-sigma ADCProviding a simultaneous-sampling measurement system for demanding signal acquisition applications, two multi-channel, 16-bit, delta-sigma analog-to-digital converters (ADCs) from Texas Instruments operate with a 25-kHz bandwidth, a 2 µV/C offset drift and a SNR of up to 97 dB. The ADS1174 (4-channel) and ADS1178 (8-channel) ADCs have operating modes that allow for optimization of speed (52 kS/s) or power dissipation (7 mW/channel). The high-order, chopper-stabilized modulator offers low drift and noise over the signal bandwidth of DC up to the Nyquist frequency. The onboard decimation filter suppresses modulator and out-of-band noise, providing a usable signal bandwidth up to 90% of the Nyquist rate with a stop-band attenuation of 100 dB. Available in identical packages, the ADCs are drop-in compatible with the high-performance, 24-bit ADS1274 and ADS1278, and also have a selectable SPI or frame-sync serial interface to allow for convenient interfacing to DSPs, FPGAs and microcontrollers with support for daisy chaining to simplify readback of multiple devices. From $12.45 each in 100-piece quantities.

Texas Instruments


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