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Antenna Can Be Mounted Indoors and Outdoors

Wed, 07/30/2008 - 5:27am

indoor/outdoorOffering a low profile, indoor/outdoor solution for voice or data device applications, the 3dBi from Astron Wireless Technologies is an omni directional dipole antenna that is suitable as a window or wall mount antenna. These antennas were initially developed for Wireless Local Loop (WLL) phone terminals as an alternative to the standard fix mount whip antenna. The cable length allows the user to place the antenna in a convenient location within a room for signal quality. The legs have screw holes in the base and are also supplied with velcro pads for removal. Several connector types are also available. The antenna has a power handling capability of 10 W. It is vertically polarized with an elevation pattern of 60° and 360° in azimuth. The VSWR is 2.1. The antennas are ½" in diameter and range from 4.5” to 8.5" long, depending on the model. This antenna is available for the cellular 806-866MHz (PCD83), 824-896 MHz (PCD86), 902-928 (PCD91), 890-960 (PCD92), 1850-1990 (PCD19), and 2400-2500 (PCD24).

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