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First SiC Switching Power Bipolar Junction Transistor Announced

Fri, 05/30/2008 - 12:26pm

silicon carbide 20 Ampere, 600 Volts, switching power  bipolar junction transistorPresented as the first such device of its type, the BitSiC0620 from TranSiC is a silicon carbide (SiC) 20-A, 600-V, switching power  bipolar junction transistor (BJT). The “normally off”  device has a collector-emitter saturation voltage that enables a reduction of more than 60% in on-state power losses compared to Si IGBT technology with the same chip area. Additionally, the BJT exhibits fast switching due to the small amount of stored charge of silicon carbide devices. Available as single dies, in TO220 packages, or on DCB substrates, the SiC BJT chip has been successfully tested up to over 250°C and down to -80°C.

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