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VPX DSP Engine Achieves 8.68 GB/s Sustained Inter-Card Data Rates

Tue, 04/08/2008 - 5:46am


VPX DSP Engine Achieves 8.68 GB/s Sustained Inter-Card Data RateswebCurtiss-Wright Controls announced its CHAMP-AV6 VPX DSP engine which delivers a sustained intercard data rate of 8.68 GB/s, a 16× improvement over the quad PowerPC-VME-based DSP engine. The device uses the standard IPC communications library, highlighting the inherently low overhead of both SRIO and the IPC library, which together were able to deliver approximately 92 percent of the “wire speed” of the SRIO links. Features include four Freescale 8641 single/dual-core processors, backplane connectors capable of handling signaling speeds in excess of 6.25 Gbits/sec, and 1.0" pitch option defined by the VPX-REDI standard (VITA 48) that enables the use of several enhanced mechanical design elements to achieve higher power dissipation. The device is also available in a Line-Replaceable Module (LRM) variant that comprises front and rear protective metal covers to ensure safe repair and replacement in-the-field and provides board-level support for 2-level maintenance requirements. Software includes support for operating systems, such as VxWorks amd Linux (planned). 

Curtiss-Wright Controls, Inc.


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