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Serial Control Switch Relay Features Series 24 Serial Communications

Tue, 04/01/2008 - 12:48pm

ec84em802aElectroswitch announced its Series 24 serial control switch relay (SCSR) that facilitates remote control and monitoring of circuit breakers while retaining local control through a manual trip/close handle. An addressable network device with certified DNP 3.0, the SCSR combines the functions of various other devices and provides remote trip-coil monitoring (single or dual), sequence-of-events reporting, system battery monitoring and self-diagnostic reporting. The SCSR’s color LEDs indicate breaker position (also indicated with a built-in mechanical target flag), breaker-trip-coil integrity, serial-bus transmission/reception and local/remote mode. Rotor contacts are double-wiping and made of silver inlay phosphor-bronze. Stationary contacts are silver-plated with integral screw-type terminals. Each contact handles full rated current (30A/600V continuous).




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