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Radiation-Tolerant FPGAs Offer Multiple Platforms for Space Applications

Tue, 04/08/2008 - 10:46am


Xilinx announced the immediate availability of radiation-tolerant Xilinx VirtexR-4QV FPGAs. The new Virtex-4QV family for space applications offers multiple platforms to meet the processing needs of video, audio, radar streams, and packet processing functions. These FPGAs incorporate advanced embedded computing and digital signal processing (DSP) technology in a single chip. To meet the unique processing requirements of space-based systems, Xilinx selected four of the highest performance, largest capacity devices across the three Virtex-4 platforms for its Virtex-4QV family. Features include 200,000 logic cells, 10Mbit of RAM/FIFO, two built-in PowerPCR processor blocks with auxiliary processing unit (APU) controller, 512 DSP slices, and four built-in Ethernet MAC blocks. All Virtex-4QV FPGAs are guaranteed for radiation tolerance. Testing by Xilinx and the Single Event Effects (SEE) Consortium verifies a total ionizing dose (TID) of 300 krad (Si) and single-event latchup (SEL) immunity greater than 125 MeVcm2/mg with Virtex-4QV devices. The Virtex-4QV family is shipping with the XQR4VLX200, XQR4VSX55, and XQR4VFX60 devices; and the XQR4VFX140 device will be available for order in the third quarter of 2008.



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