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Microcontrollers Incorporate USB On-the-Go

Tue, 04/22/2008 - 6:59am


Stellaris MicrocontrollerPresented as the first integration of USB On-the-Go (OTG) and host capability in the ARM Cortex-M3 architecture, Luminary Micro’s Stellaris Microcontrollers also integrate the ARM PrimeCell 32-channel configurable µDMA controller to provide features such as advanced scatter/gather transfer modes. The LM3S3000 USB Series and LM3S5000 CAN+USB devices feature a USB controller that can be configured for USB Host-mode or USB Device-mode in compliance with the USB 2.0 specification. The device is provided with a peripheral driver library and bootloader already preprogrammed in ROM with a choice of polled or interrupt-driven peripheral support and support of in-field firmware updates through the UART, I2C, or SSI interfaces. 
Additional features of the microcontroller include a PWM module especially designed for motion control with a dead-band generator for shoot-through protection, synchronization of timers for alignment of all edges, and an optional hardware quadrature encoder for position sensing. The LM3S3748 USB host+device and LM3S3768 USB OTG evaluation kits include evaluation boards, cables, a choice of tools suites, documentation, a graphics library, and applications notes.

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