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MCU Development Platforms Provide Interactive Feedback

Fri, 04/25/2008 - 7:10am


Sub-Atomic Particle BoardCreated to support development of the M16C, R8C and H8 microcontroller (MCU) product families, the Renesas Technology family of Sub-Atomic Particle Board demonstration platforms enable assessment of the on-chip peripheral functions and system development tools supplemented by interactive tutorials that quickly and easily guide users through necessary set-up procedures and learning scenarios. An integrated suite of hardware and software, the platforms aim to bridge the gap between traditional basic evaluation boards and full-scale development boards by offering advanced software assessment capabilities. The interactive tutorials included help users verify the installed hardware and software, then give hands-on instructions for creating, building, debugging and downloading their first project while illustrating how to use the support tools that are part of the platforms. The M16C Series, the R8C Series, and the H8/300H Series each include a 1 MB SPI flash memory, an audio jack, a 2.5 mm sound jack, pushbutton, light sensor, four LEDs, and an external header.$79 each.

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