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Small SVGA Display Exhibits Sharp Color Images

Wed, 03/05/2008 - 7:28am

ec83od809aKopin Corp. announced its fingernail-size, color CyberDisplay SVGA LVS microdisplay that measures 0.44" diagonal. This display shrinks the full-color pixel size to 11.25µm square, and it exhibits optimally sharp color images. It is a transmissive LCD display with the same architecture as LCD flat panel TVs, but with ultra-high pixel densities. Smaller pixel transistors and the planar multi-metal layer process offered by 8" Si IC processing were combined with an enhanced nanotechnology process for its liquid crystal alignment and a precision cell-gap liquid crystal assembly process. The 0.44" SVGA LVS display is targeted for PC- and HD-related video eyewear applications.

Kopin Corp.,508-824-6696, 


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