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Dual Photodiode for the Near Infrared Range Features Minimum Footprint

Thu, 03/06/2008 - 10:33am

Si dual photo diodePREMA Semiconductor released its first optical standard component, the PR5001 dual photodiode for the near infrared range with minimum footprint. An active area of two times 0.75 mm × 1.2 mm comes in a small clear DFN package with a size of 1.8 mm × 2.9 mm. These silicon photodiodes have separate cathodes and a common anode. They offer a very low dark current in the range of <100 pA at reverse voltages of up to 20V. The capacitance of the photodiodes is <60 pF at 10V, allowing for light signals of higher frequency. The applied ModuS U6 process allows economic production of large sized photodiodes with a high yield and less impurity traps. Thus a very uniform sensitivity across both elements can be achieved, which is important for position detection. PR5001 has its peak sensitivity in the near infrared range around 890 nm. Possible applications for these dual photodiodes are light measurement, laser beam alignment in laser printers and DVD/CD players, and in optical encoders and light barriers.

PREMA Semiconductor


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