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Collaborative Equalization Methodology Combines Software and Hardware

Mon, 03/17/2008 - 9:11am


Quickfilter QF1D512Useful for applications from professional sound reinforcement to consumer audio electronics, a collaborative acoustic control methodology developed by Quickfilter Technologies and Real Sound Lab enables engineers to control frequency response for system performance optimization. Combining CONEQ™ (CONvolution EQualizer) software-based technology with the QF1D512 programmable digital filter, the approach generates a speaker transfer function representing the acoustic power of the speaker along with the inverse transfer function which can be imported into the IC. In addition to controlling the frequency response of the audio system, the collaborative technology can also flatten the final response or select specific areas of the frequency spectrum to augment (such as providing bass boost capability). A link regarding implemention of the methodology can be found at:

Quickfilter Technologies

Real Sound Lab


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