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Vector Signal Analysis Software with LTE Modulation Analysis Option

Thu, 01/03/2008 - 9:12am


Agilent Technologies Inc. added a 3GPP LTE modulation analysis option to its 89600 Series Vector Signal Analysis software to enable LTE signal analysis from baseband to antenna, on digitized or analog signals, both uplink and downlink. The 3GPP LTE option is designed to give R&D engineers deep insight into the RF and modulation characteristics of an LTE prototype device. It enables analysis of spectrum and EVM measurements for the entire frame, or within a frame on a sub-frame, slot or individual symbol on data and control channels, as well as synchronization and reference signals. Together with the Agilent 89600 VSA software, it is capable of analyzing both uplink (SC-FDMA) and downlink (OFDMA) LTE signals in a single option. Engineers can now use one measurement console, with consistent measurements and displays, across the entire block diagram instead of having to design their own displays and measurement algorithms. The 3GPP LTE option, along with the company's PSA Series spectrum analyzer, provides EVM of -50 dB for a 10 MHz LTE signal to addressing stringent EVM requirements for higher-order modulation schemes up to 64 QAM. The software employs active-channel-based color coding and marker coupling among multiple EVM traces to simplify LTE signal analysis and measurements. Specific transmitter-modulation quality measurements supported include EVM per OFDM carrier, EVM per OFDM symbol, EVM per slot and EVM per resource block -- a measurement unique to Agilent. The 3GPP LTE provides EVM traces for RMS EVM, as well as EVM for individual carriers, symbols, slots, and resource blocks for all LTE signals and channels (such as data and control channels, and synchronization and reference signals).

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