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Bulb Enables LED Lighting In Low Voltage Outdoor and Portable Applications

Wed, 01/16/2008 - 5:37am

CAO Group introduced a High Flux Dynasty LED bulb, designed with a driver included in the base to provide constant current, transforming AC/DC low voltage to ~3.3 V. Available with both white and color LEDs, the bulb is screw-mounted on a waterproof 1156 base. With these standard connection bases, it is possible to incorporate LED lighting in just about any low voltage (12V DC) outdoor, portable, or task lighting application, including as a replacement in existing designs now utilizing conventional 1156 products. Available in white, blue, cyan, green, yellow and red, these Dynasty light engines are said to be water-resistant, RoHS compliant, energy efficient, and environmentally friendly. Because the LEDs are replaceable, it’s easy to change colors without needing a total new assembly. Their features include a continuous 360º horizontal viewing angle (275º vertical), unique butterfly beam, and a typical 70 lumens per watt, and with low heat output.  Dynasty LEDs feature proprietary phosphors and small LED chips, for cool-to-the-touch operation. The housings are of a nickel-plated brass alloy, and the bases are aluminum.  The center pin contact at the LED base is gold-plated over nickel on a beryllium copper alloy. There are no glass or breakable parts.

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