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Telecom Card Combines Protocol/Packet Processing, WAN Access, Signaling

Thu, 12/20/2007 - 5:27am


Telecom Card Combines Protocol/Packet Processing, WAN Access, SignalingEmerson Network Power’s KSI8560 is an advanced mezzanine card for telecommunications applications. It combines a PowerQUICC III MPC8560 controller with up to eight channelized E1/T1 spans in order to process protocols, packets, signaling, and WAN access for MicroTCA systems, AdvancedTCA blades, and custom carrier blades on AdvancedMC sites. Specifications include the PowerPC Book E core up to 1 GHz, 333-MHz Communications Processor Module with integrated Ethernet controller, ATM support, an I2C controller, PCIe interconnect, 256 MB SDRAM, 16 MB PSRAM, 8 MB NOR boot flash (for redundant 4 MB devices), 1 GB NAND flash (for non-volatile RAM and True Flash File System storage), and 512 KB socketed flash. The KSI8560 is available in compact, mid-height, and full-size AdvancedMC designs. This provides dual Gigabit Ethernet channels with scalable PCIe connections for total bandwidth up to 8 Gb/sec. Emerson’s SpiderWare M3UA signaling software is optional and adds up to 128 SS7 channels with 100 percent line utilization in ATCA environments. Operating system support includes Monta Vista Carrier Grade Edition Linux 4.x and VxWorks 6.2. The card complies with RoHS/WEEE and all major safety specifications.
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