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Tantalum Capacitors Offer Low ESR

Wed, 12/05/2007 - 7:31am


tantalum capacitors for embedded control systemsAVX has developed a broad range of tantalum capacitors for embedded control systems. The TPS and TPM Series provide low ESR and improve the filtering capability and power rating within small dimensions and reduced height. Recently released new mirror-design multianode tantalum capacitors in the TPM D-case with 2.9 mm height are said to provide an almost identical ESR level compared with traditional E-case multianode construction with lower profile. The symmetrical design of two horizontal anodes allows reduced inductances down to 1 nH, which is 50 percent lower than with standard single anode construction. The low ESL shifts the resonance frequency up to 500 kHz for use in the switching 250 kHz to 500 kHz frequency range. Due to the higher power dissipation of the mirror design D-case, the capacitor can handle higher ripple current compared with single anode design, according to the company. The horizontal layout of anodes offers next-downsizing potential down to 2 mm. The profile of TPM Y-case multianode capacitors is suitable for height limited applications. All AVX tantalum capacitors meet the requirement of lead-free assembly and do not contain any hazardous substances and are RoHS friendly.

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