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SMP Blind-Mate Connectors Correct Axial and Radial Misalignment

Tue, 12/04/2007 - 7:20am

ec81pi703a-LSMP blind-mate connectors that can handle frequencies up to 40 GHz are now available from Emerson Network Power's Johnson subsidiary. These precision connection interfaces use a miniature, slide-on/snap-on system ideal for high-density packaging. They correct axial and radial misalignment and are compatible with all SMP and GPO. Several configurations are offered, including couplings include with full and limited detents, smooth bore, and so-called "catcher’s mitt" interfaces, all of which provide different levels of engage and disengage force. The full detent snap-on interface is typically used for cabled connections where a tighter lock is required, and limited detent is used in PCB mounts or blind-mate applications. The mitt-style interface is also typically specified for blind-mate applications since its design facilitates a more exact connection. In total there are 26 possible configurations for the connectors, adapters, and mounts, and 9 assembly tools.
Johnson / Emerson Network Power
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