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RFID with 64-bit Embedded Cryptographic Engine

Fri, 11/30/2007 - 6:48am


ec7dic904a-LAtmel Corp. introduced 13.56 MHz RFID devices with a 64-bit cryptographic engine, dual authentication capability, and up to 64 Kb of memory, each with up to 16 individually configurable sectors. Atmel’s CryptoRF devices are suited for proximity applications that represent cash transactions, require a permanent record of the chain of ownership, or are prone to counterfeiting. CryptoRF devices have a 64-bit embedded hardware encryption engine, four sets of non-readable, 64-bit authentication keys and four sets of non-readable and 64-bit session encryption keys. They use a random number to generate a unique identity or “cryptogram” for each transaction. The host reader and the CryptoRF device must both be able to duplicate each other’s cryptograms before any data can be accessed or written. The authentication keys and session encryption keys are completely inaccessible, even to the owner of the device. A unique cryptogram is generated for each transaction. Thus, a cryptogram that has been intercepted during a transaction cannot be used to affect a second transaction.
Atmel Corp.


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