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Frequency Standard Features 20 MHz Synthesizer

Tue, 10/02/2007 - 11:24am


Novatech_2975AX_WEB.jpgNovatech Instruments, Inc. introduced the Model 2975AX Disciplined Quartz Frequency Standard. This bench-top instrument provides a cost-effective means to generate precise frequency reference signals for laboratory instruments, communication systems or other test and measurement equipment. Containing an ovenized quartz crystal time-base, the device has a stability of ±5 × 10-11 per day when disciplined to a 1 pps source, with daily aging better than ±1 × 10-10 during holdover. It uses an auto-adaptive disciplining algorithm, requiring no user intervention or tuning, that tracks the 1pps from a GPS receiver or smart antenna, and features one 10 MHz and one 5 MHz output on the front panel, along with a synthesized output. Simple front-panel controls and two-line display allow setting the synthesized frequency in 1µHz steps up to 20 MHz. The synthesized output frequency is automatically saved in EEPROM, so after a power interruption the outputs remain the same. The display shows the status of 1pps tracking. Two additional BNCs are on the rear panel for 1pps input and output. The 2975AX list price is $1,995. The GPS1 Smart GPS Antenna is available as an accessory for $1,295. Combined with the GPS1, the 2975AX provides a complete turn-key solution for an engineering or calibration laboratory. Delivery is stock to 4 weeks.
Novatech Instruments, Inc.

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