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Code Compatible 900 MHz DSP

Wed, 10/03/2007 - 6:44am


Texas Instruments announced its TMS320C6452 digital signal processor (DSP) for process intensive multi-channel infrastructure and medical imaging systems. Simultaneously, the company announced that the TMS320C6455 DSP at 1.2 GHz is the world’s fastest single core DSP. The code compatible 900 MHz C6452 DSP allows designers to migrate their designs from the widely deployed C641x based products. Therefore, this broad base of customers can benefit from the advanced communications peripherals, expanded memory, heightened performance and cost benefits of the new C6452 device. Based on the company’s TMS320C64x+ core, the C6452 DSP delivers double the L1 cache memory and 40 percent more L2 cache than the C6415T, while including two gigabit Ethernet MAC ports and one gigabit switch. The device is equipped with a Telecom Serial Interface Port (TSIP). The C6455 at 1.2 GHz combines high bandwidth peripheral integration (gigabit Ethernet MAC), Serial RapidIO (sRIO) and increased memory (2 MB of L2 memory) into one single device. According to the company, a Berkeley Design Technology, Inc.'s (BDTI) benchmark analysis placed the C6455 atop all other single core programmable DSPs for speed with a BDTImark2000 score of 13170. The TMS320C6452 DSP is priced starting at $94 at 720 MHz in 10K quantities, and the 1.2-GHz C6455 DSP is now available for $245 in 10Ku from TI. 

Texas Instruments

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