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Ambient Light Sensor Duplicates the Spectral Response Curve of the Human Eye

Fri, 10/19/2007 - 7:01am

Ambient light sensor that duplicates the spectral response of the human eye - American Bright - BAmerican Bright Optoelectronics introduced an ambient light sensor that duplicates the spectral response of the human eye. This will allow for the accurate control of backlight devices by controlling the brightness in relation to the ambient light conditions. The sensor has a peak response of 55 nm compared to a typical industry standard response curve that peaks in the infrared closer to 900 nm, according to the company. A peak closer to the human eye’s response curve (550 nm) allows for more accurate and ergonomic control of brightness levels. The SMT photo sensor is a PN junction diode array with a linear, accurate, and very repeatable current transfer function. The photo-current is produced to a sensitivity level that can be voltage scaled with a standard value external resistor. Dark current can be kept below 100 nA, which provides high accuracy at low light levels. Usable ambient light levels range from as low as 1 LUX to over 100K LUX. Production quantity pricing starts below $40.00 per thousand for part number BSP-ASC6000.
American Bright Optoelectronics


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