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2 Mbit F-RAM Device

Tue, 10/23/2007 - 7:35am


2 Mbit F-RAM Device - Ramtron - LRamtron International extended its family of high-density F-RAM devices with a 2-megabit (Mb) parallel memory device. The FM21L16 is a 2 Mb, 3-volt, parallel nonvolatile RAM in a 44-pin TSOP-II package that features fast access, NoDelay writes, virtually unlimited read/write cycles, and low power consumption. Pin-compatible with asynchronous static RAM (SRAM), the FM21L16 targets SRAM-based industrial control, metering, medical, automotive, military, gaming and computing applications. A 128K x 16 nonvolatile memory with an industry standard parallel interface, the FM21L16 reads and writes at bus speed with endurance of at least 100 trillion writes and more than 10-years of data retention. The device has an access time of 60 nanoseconds (ns) and a cycle time of 110ns and includes an advanced write protection scheme to prevent inadvertent writes and data corruption. The FM21L16 is a drop-in replacement for standard asynchronous SRAMs that does not need a battery to back up data. This SMT device does not require rework steps for battery attachment and is not jeopardized by moisture, shock and vibration. With an industry-standard parallel interface to current high performance microprocessors, the FM21L16 features a high-speed page mode that enables a peak bandwidth of 80 MBps. It draws 18 mA for reads/writes, and it has an ultra low power sleep mode of 5 µA. It operates from 2.7V to 3.6V over the entire industrial temperature range of -40°C to +85°C.
Ramtron International



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