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Spectral Vibration Data Logger

Mon, 08/06/2007 - 5:06am


Omega_3_om-cp-svr101_WEB.jpgThe OM-CP-SVR101 Spectral Vibration Recorder (SVR) from Omega Engineering is a self-contained device engineered to record acceleration data for spectral analysis of vibration and peaks. This device will record and time tag 3-axis vibrations and peaks to provide a history of shock/vibration conditions. It also records temperature once every sample period. It measures and computes real-time spectral data using an FFT(Fast Fourier Transform). To make efficient use of memory, the device only takes data when the (user preset) trigger level is exceeded. The OM-CP-SVR101 and the OM-CP Series Data Recorder Software makes data retrieval quick and easy. This unit is suitable for transportation and shipping applications, machinery failure detection, endurance testing, wind resonance on structures supports, vehicle vibration, race car diagnostics and materials research. Pricing starts at $999.00.
Omega Engineering 


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