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Sixteen-bit MCU Family Offered In Smaller Sizes

Mon, 08/06/2007 - 11:19am


ec78ic304aMicrochip Technology’s PIC24HJ12 family of 40 MIPS, 16-bit microcontrollers is offered in 18- and 28-pin packages as small as 6 mm × 6 mm for space-constrained applications. The family’s 16-bit MCU architecture was designed for engineers that need to migrate from 8-bit architectures. The company offers 92 sixteen-bit products in four compatible families to serve users for years, even as they scale to DSP-enabled applications. Development tool investments can be preserved with 8-bit migrations, as Microchip’s MPLAB Integrated Development Environment is compatible with the smallest 8-bit PIC MCUs through its entire 16-bit MCU and DSC lineup. Seamless migration can be achieved between the company’s 16-bit MCUs and DSP-enabled DSCs via pin, peripheral, software and tool compatibility. Additional features include 12 KB of Flash and 1 KB of RAM; an ADC with up to 10 channels, and user-selectable 10-bit or 12-bit mode (10-bit mode enables simultaneous sampling, eliminating lag time between samples; and one UART, one SPI and one I2C port.

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