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Seven Display, Audio and Power Management ICs Drive Energy-efficient Video in Handhelds

Thu, 08/02/2007 - 7:47am


ec78ic306a.jpge_arrows.jpgSeven display, audio and power management products from National enable energy-efficient video in handheld and converged devices that feature phone and media playback functions. The LM2512 high-speed serial host device supports a video mode interface bridge between the processor and the display. A dithering function allows 24-bit video to be displayed with high quality on 18-bit displays, preserving the lower power consumption associated with 6-bit RGB data converters. The FPD95120 LTPS display driver for half-VGA format, is 0.9 mm wide and lets manufacturers maximize the active area of the display glass. The driver provides an MPL deserializer, a high-efficiency inductive DC/DC switcher and RAM to enable standby, low-power display capabilities. LP5520 color management products produce a true white light over a wide temperature range while improving the color gamut from 70 percent up to 100 percent of the NTSC standard. In adaptive mode, the circuitry in the driver automatically adjusts the output voltage for the lowest possible power consumption. The LM49100 audio subsystem allows routing of mono voice or stereo music signals to a mono speaker driver or stereo ground-referenced headphone amplifiers (or both) through simple selection of pre-set modes. It consumes a low quiescent current of <5 mA, with all channels active. LP5552 power management IC supports AVS to enable the processor to adaptively adjust its supply voltage to the minimum level needed. National’s LM3668 buck-boost regulator provides a 3.3V output voltage to power the driver motor and offers >90 percent efficiency in buck and boost modes. The LM3207 DC/DC power supply for 3G RF power amplifiers, reduces energy consumption of the power amplifier by tightly regulating the RF power amplifier supply voltage to the lowest possible level while maintaining linearity in the power amplifier.
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